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Wind Turbine Drone Inspections:

Wear on turbine blades can lead to substantial inefficiency. Traditional inspection methods are costly and potentially dangerous. Working with your engineers, Aero Video Pros provides live, high-definition views of components, enabling the engineer to make critical decisions, as well as track damage over the lifespan of the equipment in question, thanks to saved video evidence. And the best part of it all is that the cost is half that of sending a human up to take pictures.

Solar Panel Inspections

Using the DJI Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera (with 640x512 digital video display, 30 Hz frame rate and a 13mm lens), Aero Video Pros provide heat-mapping imagery and filmography, enabling your engineers to identify issues in massive solar farms where human eyes have difficulty seeing.

Oil Refinery Inspections

The examination of atmospheric crude fractioners, fluidized catalytic cracking units and coke drums, as well as the myriad of pipes and lines in refineries can not only be done more safely with drones, but also more efficiently. Identify potential faults in components via FLIR imaging, and even monitor emissions.

Wireless Installation Inspections

Building cell towers is a dangerous occupation to begin with. To send climbers up to take photos and video of critical components is no less dangerous. Aero Video Pros provide high-quality 30x optical zoom photos and video without the inherent dangers involved, and all in a fraction of the time required. This equates to getting the site back online more quickly, which results in increased revenues for your carrier clients.

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Aero Video Pros pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified